Don't Let Plumbing Issues Overwhelm You

Don't Let Plumbing Issues Overwhelm You

Set up plumbing repair at your home in Stillwater & Woodbury, MN

No matter what goes wrong with your plumbing, you can always count on Justen Plumbing Inc to help you. Our plumbing repair eliminates problems with your pipes and pumps. We can swap out your old fixtures with brand-new ones. Is it time for a new sink or toilet? We've got you covered.

Our master plumber is certified to text and service backflow prevention devices, and can also set up a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) device. These backflow prevention devices protect your water supply from contamination.

Call 651-605-5025 today to ask about plumbing repair in the Stillwater & Woodbury, MN area.

Power through clogs with our drain cleaning services

Drain cleaning breaks up stoppages in your drains and prevents your sink or tub from overflowing. Have you noticed that you're standing in water when you take a shower? You probably need your shower drain cleaned. It can get clogged by:

  • Hair
  • Soap scum
  • Washcloth fibers
  • Dead skin

Contact us now to request drain cleaning in the Stillwater & Woodbury, MN area.